Film Maker | Photographer | Producer | Director | Editor

I am passionate about creating visual content and have enjoyed working in multiple roles, including videographer, photographer director, editor and producer. 

Fashion has been my industry of focus, which has offered the opportunity to work with extremely creative teams, capturing boundary pushing content. My background in psychology has driven the appreciation of people, their unique personal style and their relationship with fashion.
I also work in areas such as commercial, travel, music, food, weddings, and realestate.

I often find myself traveling for jobs, no distance is too far.
If you have the footage and need someone to edit it, I can also do that for you remotely.

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Some of my amazing clients:

Thermomix | Sylvia P | Red Frogs | RideXPower | Laxnes Horse Farm | Hotel Laxnes
White Label Noba | Undress Runways | Làna | BSN | The Corporate Catwalker | Ur Social
Unveil Films | GC Bridal Lounge |The Fashion Heist | Lil J’s Vintage | Fashion Avenue