"The perfect anniversary gift..."

Do you have video footage from your wedding that you struggle to watch because it’s too long or Uncle Joe didn’t really know how to use the camera? Is it still on VCR/Tape? Do you wish you had spent more on a professional wedding film? Is the video not quite as elegant as you remember your special day to be? 

We take your wedding footage and edit it into a highlight film that you are proud to show your family and friends, giving you the chance to reconnect with your special memories from that important day. 

Watch the short snippet from one of our happy customers:

*This is a short snippet from Honni's 10 minute highlight film

Honni's Testimonial:

"I love the modern videos people have of their wedding, and I wished I had that memento of my wedding day. But our wedding was in 1994, when filming was not really a priority. We borrowed a VHS recorder and let someone’s boyfriend video the wedding. Needless to say, the result was a pretty bad recording of the day. It was so bad we rarely watched the video and when we did, we cringed through most of it. 
Recently we didn’t even have VCR machine to play it on anymore. I was also worried that the memories would be lost forever, because I knew VHS tapes eventually deteriorate. 
That’s why, to celebrate our anniversary, we employed Josiah to transfer the VHS to digital and then edit it into a 10 minute highlight film. We just love what Josiah has done with our old video. He has turned a cringe worthy 60 minute video into a tasteful, elegant highlight film. He edited out all the dodgy footage and created a lovely flowing clip which we now enjoy watching, and remembering the day for what it was. We even got to choose some favourite songs, to make it special and personal.
Now we have a lovely memento of our day to share with generations to come."

How it works:

  1. You provide us with your old wedding footage
  2. If it’s on VCR/Tape, we will convert all your video footage to digital
  3. We will then use the footage to edit into a highlights film, revitalising your cherished memories
  4. You will receive the edited highlight film, for you to share with your family and friends

Introductory offer! 
Book now and pay the deposit before the end of September, to receive your re-edited highlight wedding film, for only $499. 
Price includes 1x free VCR to digital transfer. Any additional VCR to digital transfers is $30.

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