Kiki Sails Content Marketing

Kiki Sails is a recently launched London based sailing company. They offer 7 day sailing tours around the Greek islands, where you can experience a holiday of both relaxation and adventure.

When I teamed up with Kiki, the goal was to capture both photo and video content which they can use to roll out for their marketing, in preparation for the next season. As they are new to the scene, they didn't have a lot of content to promote the trip, so it was important to have this for the companies success. 

Social media platforms are increasing the ways video can be shown. This can be seen with Instagram now allowing for max 60sec posted video, 15sec Instagram stories and 10min IGTV. Also, uploading native videos to Facebook has been shown to have a higher engagement rate than photos. With this in mind, the video marketing was an important and crucial aspect of the companies marketing.

The feature video's duration is 1.30min (seen above) and cropped in the common 1920 x 1080 size. I edited to this duration as I didn't want the video to be too long and have the audience loose interest and click away. Any longer and this would have been the case, due to people's short attention spans when using social media. As for the dimension, this was primarily used for their website and facebook. 

The main vertical video (seen above) is similar to the feature, as it has the same text and footage included. Although it has been shortened to fit within Instagram's 60sec limitation and is cropped as a vertical video. This crop was used to cater for all the mobile phone viewers, as a vertical video takes up more of the available screen real estate rather than a horizontal video. Having videos edited vertically for instagram is especially important because the app only caters for mobile users and is all about visual content.

The Instagram stories video (seen above) took a slightly different approach. This was cropped vertically, although cropped to fit in the stories sizing specifications (which is different to the posted videos on Instagram). It is also shortened to keep within the Stories 15sec limit, and also hold the audiences short attention span. 
This example video here was solely used to encourage people to 'Book Now'. This could then be added to the companies Instagram story, with a 'swipe up' link to send people straight to their booking page on their website.

When releasing all the above videos, it was important to drive hot traffic straight to the purchase point. With that said, it is crucial to have a booking system which makes it easy for the potential customer to make the decision to purchase. This can be done with having aspects such as trip information, FAQs and social credibility (reviews). This information should be easily seen on the booking page to ensure the customers don't need to click away from the page to get the information they need to 'book now'.