The Gallant Army

I had the pleasure of working with the very stylish gents from The Gallant Army. On a bright summers day, we road tripped to a woodland location to pull together a photo/video shoot.

I was very pleased with how the content for this shoot turned out. What I love most is the seamless combination of the styled navy blues and rich forest greens. Also, the fashion film which I filmed and edited came together quite well. Although, the content wouldn’t have achieved the level it did without the guys taking direction effortlessly and being so confident and comfortable in front of the lens. 

Also, a massive thank you to Jacob Eldridge for being so generous with his time and jumping on board to assist with the operations of the shoot throughout the day.

Check out the feature article "Out of Context" at The Gallant Army website.

Music arranged by Kraznov x UV boi فوق بنفسجي  c/o GAK.